Southwest General Hospital

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Festival of Lights

Thank you to those who supported the Southwest Community Health Foundation at our 31st annual Festival of Lights celebration. The names of those honored are inscribed in the 2016-2017 Festival of Lights Album, which is displayed in the hospital’s main lobby throughout the holiday season and into 2017.

All proceeds from the 2016 Festival of Lights benefit the Dennis C. Simmerman Hospice Community Care Fund and The Thomas P. Perciak Family Residential Hospice. The Dennis C. Simmerman Fund, established in 2008, provides critical financial and care-related services to our hospice patients with limited means, helping to ensure that we can provide quality care, with dignity and compassion, to those who need it most. For questions call 440-816-6713.

In honor of:

Gregory Branic
Jeffrey Branic
Maija DeWerth
Beverly Hawkins
John Jansma
Alex I. Koler
The Michalik Family
Sue Missig
The Peskar Family
Dr. Geetha E. Rao
The Rao Family Foundation
The Schnaterbeck Family

In memory of:

Robert L. Allen
John "Jack" T. Amy
Leslie Ann Ashcroft
Frances Bachstein
John Bahleda
Bette Jean Baker
Julie Baker
Richard "Bear" Baldi
Pamela Balon
Robert Becker
Bruce Belgrave
Julia Benda
Frank and Angelina Bianchi
Paul R. Bicking
Kathleen Bigler
Phyllis Blair
Daniel R. Blake
Donald Boll
Valerie and Thomas Boyd
Duane O. Boyer
Francis J. Branic
Jack Brassell
William Bremenour
Thomas D. Brock
Dorothy Brocklehurst
Michael and Lucille Bruvarny
Ronald H. Buckholz
William "Bill" Burgett
Elliott Gary Burke
Rochelle Caddey
James J. Castrovince
Dr. Richard Cline
Dorothy and Ward Collings
Violet Covert
Leslie H. Curtner
Mary Ann Darcy
Max and Elsie DeWitt
Doris E. DiLellis
Eugene DiLellis
John Drapcho
Mildred Facciani
Alan K. Feiler
Steve and Wanda Filipek
Josef Fischer
John S. Fowler
John and Olga Fox
Russell J. Frank Jr.
Julius "Sonny" Fritz
Frank and Marie Fuka
Angela Furfaro
Patricia Furfaro
Joseph Galgoczy
Jason R. Geyer
Lois Greiner
Kenneth Grills
Jim Gross
Lucille Haight
Gerald F. Haney
William Hanselman
Noreen Harbart
Mary Jo Harbert
Mary Hegyi
James Hegyi
Lois "Jean" Helsel
Harry Holzinger
Evelyn Hoyt
Dee Hrovat
Kenneth Hugh
Cora Hugh
John Hura
Edward S. Jackson
June Jansma
Alice A. Jenkins
John Junke
David A. Kaiser
Richard Kamczyc
Don Kane
James J. Karnis
Dorothy Kelley
Emma L. Kinzy
Roni Klink
Robert D. Knaack
Nicholas Kochan
Mercedes Kola
Mildred Kolberg
Captain Mark A. Koler, M.D.
Robert S. Kress
Edward L. Kuczek
Ron Kunes
Michael B. Kurtz
John. A. Kuzmin
Marie Kvaska
Anna Kyle
Marilyn J. Laboda
Michael LaForest
Margaret Lampert
Sandie LashAlice Lauerhass
Marjorie Elaine Leight
Henry Leonhardt
Maude Leonhardt
Arline and Clarence Lesmer
Steven Michael Luff
Edward and Henrietta Luszczynski
Jack C. Lyons
Frances Lyons
Jane Maki
John J. Makuch


William Malloy
Jack McDonald
Ed Megyesi
Ruth L. Mehling
Richard D. Meiser
Elmer and Virgina Mille
Kitty Miller
Mary Miner
Joyce Mitchell
Nancy May Morgan
John Morovich
Joseph Morovich
Dennis M. Mozser
Carole Mraz
Chris Muller
Ed Munger
James and Bertha Murphy
Jason Murphy
Rose Van Nortwick
Robert Nowell, Jr.
Lois Overbeck-Dychko
Kenneth Pavlechis
Gordon Peppy
Vera Peppy
Walter and Agnes Perciak
Mary "Tina" Perotti
Christopher Petrie
Joseph "Sonny" Petrie
Elaine Phillips
Eddie and Joy Phoenix
John and Dorothy Podhradsky
Joseph Pollick
Sandy Pollick
Irene Potocsnak
Joseph Potocsnak
Dianne Powell
Helen Puskas
Steve Puskas
Jack Pylick
Robert Raymond
Albert H. Reitsman
Louis and Alan Resler
Dick Rhodes
Helen Rhodes
Harold Riffle
Marge Ristoff
Miriam Riter
Rocky, Scout, and Minnie
Richard Romaniszyn
Alice Ropas
Joseph Ropas
Donald Roshetko
Rochelle Rowan
Cathy Lynn Rowley
Jeff Rupnik
Angelo R. Salvatore
Carolyn Salvatore
Irene Salvatore
Nicholas Sarris
Diane Saunders
Frieda Schmoll
Dean Schultz
Herbert E. Shalkhauser
Mildred Shalkhauser
Maryanne Shea
Mary Sheldon
Harry Sheldon
Mary Ella Shinn
Thomas Shinn
Gordon A. Short
Michael Shugar
Dennis C. Simmerman
Ann Slota
Alma Snow
Nellie Soltis
Velma Spinner
Horst Stehle
Mary Agnes Sterns
Rosalie Stoner
Maryruth Stroemple
Winifred Sturdevant
Marjorie Szabo
Helen Szeredy
Ruth Thomas
Daniel Timko
Alfred P. Torgerson
Andrew James Trayte
Alex Treadon
Doris F. Treadon
Pauline Trzebuckowski
Christine Tyrpak
John R. Vrsansky
Andrew Wasko, Jr.
Michael E. Waters
James H. and Julia D. Weaver
Raymond Weiss
Patricia L. Wiesemann
Robert H. Wilkins
Paul Winkel
Charleen Winrod
Timothy Winrod
Richard J. Woelfle
Wilbur Frank Wolfe
William A. Young, Sr.
Leonard Zangardi
Marlene Zawadski
Edward Zinzow



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