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Geriatric Expert Mentors & Geriatric Resource Nurses

Providing exceptional care for the aging adult

At Southwest General, we recognize the need to provide a special level of care for our aging patients. As such we have established a team of experts who can provide compassionate care when addressing common geriatric conditions.

Geriatric Expert Mentors

By drawing from our professional nursing staff we have put into place a team of specially trained professionals who have completed a one-year program that focuses on the special needs of the aging adult. These include our Geriatric Expert Mentors (G.E.M.S) and Geriatric Resource Nurses (G.R.N.S.)

Specialized and Comprehensive Training to Meet the Special Needs of Our Aging Adults

Each of our Geriatric Expert Mentors and Geriatric Resource Nurses has undergone specialized has an extensive andhas a comprehensive knowledge base and understanding of common geriatric syndromes.  Our Geriatric Resource Nurses have additional clinical skills to help in addressing patients on the floor. Both groups of professional care givers are familiar in managing among others, the following syndromes:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Cognitive dysfunction
    • confusion
    • delirium
    • memory loss
  • Maintaining funtion

Best Practices and Continuous Improvement for High Quality Geriatric Care

Our Geriatric Expert Mentors and Geriatric Resource Nurses have demonstrated expertise with their overall skills, knowledge and use of best practiceswhen caring for older adults.  Together they serve as geriatric resources to others, both in their field and within their hospital department. As a result of their training, many of the nurses have obtained National Certification in Gerontologythrough the American Nurses Credentialing Corporation, a division of the American Nurses Association.

We Look Forward to Helping You

For more information about Southwest General’s Geriatric Expert Mentors and our Geriatric Resource Nurses please call us at 440-816-4039.

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