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Home Health

Home Health Programs Delivered in the Privacy of Your Home

Southwest General's Home Health Services are available by physician referral for our patients who are temporarily homebound to recover from a recent illness or injury, and those who are permanently homebound because of an ongoing illness or disability. To receive these services, all a patient has to do is to contact us, and we will work with them to get the care they need.

Professionally Administered Home Care Services

The Home Health Services provided by Southwest General include the following professionally administered services:

  • Emergency Medical Services. Professionally trained 24/7 emergency responders provided by community fire fighters and emergency medical technicians, all trained by Southwest General and available by calling 911. 
  • Home Infusion Therapy. Professionally trained registered home infusion therapy nurses for homebound patients needing this care. 
  • Nursing and Nursing Aide Services. A diverse range of nursing services that accommodates a variety of patient needs. 
  • Occupational Therapy. Specialized rehabilitative training to return patients to everyday skills with a focus on the return of strength, mobility and function. 
  • Physical Therapy. Rehabilitation activities to help patients acquire mobility, strength and flexibility after an injury or surgery.
  • Social Services. Compassionate and caring assistance and support for patients coping with difficulties or adversity. 
  • Speech Therapy. Therapy for adults and children to help them recover from or cope with communication disorders.

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