SWG Safe

Safety always is a top priority at Southwest General. Protection Services is proud to add to their already-top-notch safety services by announcing a new tool to give ALL OF YOU an even greater sense of safety when you’re out and about not only at Southwest General locations but also in any community!

A new safety app, called “SWG Safe,” is now available for FREE download on Android and iPhone mobile devices. To get the “SWG Safe” app, go to your mobile app store and look for “SWG Safe”—it’s FREE for everyone!

swgSafeOnce the app is active on your phone, you will benet from quick emergency notification to our Protection Services (if you are at Main Campus, Oakview Behavioral Health Services, LifeWorks, Middleburg Medical Center and Jefferson Park) should you:

  • Feel in danger on and around campus (GET HELP function)
  • Need an escort to and from your car (Safety Escort function)
  • Want to report suspicious people/vehicles/activities, parking violations and/or speeding (iReport function)
  • Want to be notied of general safety or inclement weather warnings

The app allows you to set up an alert to a self-defined safety circle (friends, family, roommates, etc.) if you do not acknowledge the alert on your phone during a specified block of time (Friend Watch function). Additionally, you can easily dial the Southwest General operators.

Another benefit of using the “SWG Safe” app while on Southwest General’s properties is that it allows Protection Services to “see” the location of your phone—and, theoretically, you—ONLY upon activation of the app’s red GET HELP button, which can be the difference of precious time during an emergency if you are unable to talk.

If you are NOT on Main Campus or one of the locations listed above, but are at our other off-site locations (Hospice, Strongsville Medical Center, Brunswick Medical Center/BRED), the “SWG Safe” app gives you quick access to 9-1-1 in any community you are visiting! And again, it’s FREE and for ANYONE you know!

Download the “SWG Safe” app TODAY—it’s FREE, easy to use and a must for everyone who wishes to feel even safer at Southwest General and in the community. Tell everyone you care about!

Android Download

Apple Download