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Rehabilitation Team

Rehabilitation Team

Quality-focused and results-driven

Quality-focused and results-driven, Southwest General’s Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit works with patients so they can become as independent as possible.

Leadership without Compromise

Under the leadership of Medical Director Usharani V. Tandra, named by Cleveland Magazine as one of the area’s Best Doctors, the Acute Rehabilitation Unit delivers high quality and compassionate care based on a patient’s individual needs. Dr. Tandra’s background in physical medicine , rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation and Spasticity has been instrumental in managing the care of patients needing rehabilitative care and has continuously sought out highly qualified professionals to meet the unit’s growing needs.

Skilled Professionals for High Quality and Advanced Rehabilitative Care

Greater Cleveland area can be proud of the Acute Rehabilitation Team assembled at Southwest General.

Collectively, it represents a group of medical professionals dedicated to helping patients restore function and confidence lost as a result of injury or illness.  These special individuals have both the passion and patience to help patients recover step by step and quite frequently inch by inch.  For them it is a matter of personal and professional pride to be able to part of a patient’s recovery process.

Multidisciplinary Team Approach for Integrated and Comprehensive Care

The members of the Acute Care Rehabilitation Unit include professionals from diverse backgrounds.  Together they bring skills and insights that help to provide excellent outcomes and make Southwest General Health Center a sought after resource in the region.  In addition to the care provided by the Rehabilitation Team, other medical services can be drawn are available to patients as needed.  Fully certified and licensed team members include:

  • Rehabilitation Nurses:  Available 24 hours a day to help meet the medical needs of patients and help them become as independent as possible. Additionally, they play an important role in educating patients and their caregivers
  • Physical Therapists:  Work with patients and focus on restoring function and mobility by helping them to maximize strength, range of motion, balance and coordination. They are also essential in determining a patient’s medical equipment needs as well as providing instruction in its use
  • Occupational Therapists:  Work to enhance the cognitive (reasoning) and motor skills of patients so that they can safely perform the tasks of daily living. These can include everything from bathing, dressing, cooking to higher-level skills such as balancing a checkbook.
  • Speech/Language Therapists:  Help patients improve their ability to communicate by addressing difficulties in producing speech or comprehending others. This can include patients who have voice issues, difficulty swallowing, impaired oral motor control and other disorders.
  • Social Workers/Case Managers:  Facilitate the admission, care and discharge process. They work with patients and families to navigate the services, health care providers, insurers and paperwork that accompany a significant illness or injury. Additionally, they help develop a plan for patients to return home safely, including educating patients and family members about available resources for ongoing care and support.
  • Psychologists:  Address the emotional and psychological needs of patients and help them to cope with the challenges in their lives resulting from injury or illness.
  • Dietitians:  Help determine the nutritional needs of patients, develop dietary guidelines to meet those needs and work with physicians, staff and family members to help meet patient’s nutritional needs.

We Look Forward to Helping You.

For more information on Southwest General’s acute in-house rehabilitation program please call 440-816-5050.


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