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The Orthopedic Joint Center at Southwest General

Joint Center

Providing three-day rapid recovery from joint replacement procedures

Southwest General’s Orthopedic Joint Center (OJC) offers shorter hospital stays and more rapid recovery for patients having knee and hip replacement surgery. Most patients take their first steps on the same day of surgery and are usually home within three days. Physical therapy continues once patients are discharged, allowing them to make a full recovery in familiar surroundings.

The OJC provides is recognized for providing:

  • High-quality care
  • State-of-the-art procedures
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Faster patient recoveries
  • Excellent patient education
  • A team-oriented approach to care
  • An emphasis on wellness that continues post-surgery to promote a healthy lifestyle 

A Specialized Approach for Quality Outcomes 

Special program features that help patients get back on their feet sooner include:

  • patient education class Patient Education–Extensive education before and after surgery helps patients know what to expect so they can properly prepare and participate fully in the recovery process
  • Teamwork–Our dedicated team of skilled specialists provides each patient with individual attention from pre-surgery education through post-surgery rehabilitation. Each team member has a critical role in helping patients achieve a full recovery. Team members include board-certified orthopedic surgeons; experienced orthopedic nurses, and physical and occupational therapists with special training in orthopedics.
  • Advanced technology–Computer-assisted technology for better implant alignment and quicker recovery.
  • Standardized protocols–Procedures for administering anesthesia, managing post-surgical pain and rehabilitation, all of which are focused on helping patients recover sooner.
  • Champion support–Patients select a trusted, dependable family member or friend to serve as their champion. Champions participate in patient education, serve as a second set of ears, and offer moral support and encouragement to help patients move smoothly through recovery.
  • Emphasis on wellness–To promote the rehabilitation process, from the moment patients enter our facility and throughout their stay, they are treated as healthy individuals - educated, encouraged, coached and inspired to attain a full recovery with the best outcomes possible. Each patient receives individual attention and compassionate, comprehensive care. They enjoy spacious private rooms with a variety of amenities and shared meals in the comfortable patient dinig area.

Awards and Recognition

The Orthopedic Joint Center has received the following recognition for its outstanding quality care:

UnitedHealth Premium Total Joint Specialty Center - United Health Group -- In recognition of the OJCs commitment to quality health care  and cost-efficient delivery of care.

Blue Distinction Center for Knee and Hip Replacement - Blue Cross and Blue Shield -- Reflecting demonstrated commitment to providing quality care and better overall outcomes for knee and hip replacement surgery.

For Information and Patient Referral

Not all patients are candidates for the Orthopedic Joint Center program. To learn more about the Center and for patient referral information, call Southwest General’s Health Connection, at 440-816-5050.

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