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Patient Stories

Patient Stories

If you're thinking about having knee or hip replacement surgery, you may wonder about the joint replacement journey of other patients.

We’re pleased that some of the strongest recommendations for Southwest General’s Orthopedic Joint Center come from our patients. Check out the stories here to see what patients are saying about their experiences at Southwest General’s Orthopedic Joint Center. You’ll learn more about our program and about how we can get you up and walking again, too.

"Living Life to the Fullest" ... Learn how knee replacement surgery got Bonnie Steele back in the garden and Eric Parsson saying "no thanks" to arthritis anymore!

Read Bonnie and Eric's story [.pdf]

Right from the beginning, I was impressed with the doctors, nurses, administrators and everybody else there.

George Nicklos - Read George's story [.pdf]

Six months ago, I could hardly walk...Now I'm going to Vegas baby!

Read Anne's story here [.pdf]

I loved the idea of the short time in the hospital. The staff was incredible and they treated me very well during the time I was in there. But who wants to be in the hospital for nine days when you can be at home?

Andrew Laudato - Read Andrew's story [.pdf]

When they say you’ll be able to walk the same day of your surgery, they aren’t kidding. We have a lot of stairs and I was climbing them the night I came home. It was surprising how much I could do so quickly.

Barbara Laudato - Read Barbara's story [.pdf]

Considering Joint Replacement Surgery? Learn how Southwest General's Orthopedic Joint Center changed Anita Demaline's life!

Anita Demaline - Read Anita's story [.pdf]

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