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Newborn Home Visits

Newborn Baby

Helping newborns and their mothers adjust during the important first few weeks

What our Patients Have to Say about the Newborn Visits Program

“You were the first one to call and come out to check on me and my daughter. Having you come out to the house really eased my mind, and the information and assurance you gave me was so helpful.  And now with my little boy, it’s good to know that I am doing everything the way I should. I was just not sure because he was a boy. The weight checks are really great because I am breastfeeding!”
Dawn, Brook Park

“Newborn Home Visit is one of the best programs I’ve seen.  It gave me peace of mind after my first baby was born--I had so many questions, which you were able to answer. Then with my second almost three years later, I had reinforcement of that peace of mind every mother needs.”
Laurie, Parma

Becoming a parent can be overwhelming, especially during those first few weeks at home with a new baby.  Southwest General’s Home Health Services offers peace of mind through the Newborn Home Visit program.

A Program that Provides Help During This Period of Transition

For newborns, and especially new mothers, there are many adjustments during this transitional but wonderful time.  To help during this period, a specially trained registered nurse from Southwest General will provide a health and safety assessment, support, education and resources right in the comfort of your home.

Arranging a Newborn Home Visit

After delivering your baby at Southwest General, our Home Health Services is notified, and a registered nurse will stop by your room to discuss the program and see if you’re interested and eligible.

Eligibility Requirements for a Newborn Home Visit

The following requirements must be met to be eligible for a Newborn Home Visit:

  • You must have delivered your baby at Southwest General
  • You are living in Southwest General’s Home Health Services service area
  • Your insurance company covers the visit

Your Newborn Home Visit

Southwest General’s Newborn Home Visit provides valuable assistance and help for your baby and you.

For your baby - a general, head-to-toe health and safety assessment, including:

  • Heart, lungs, belly and weight assessment for normal, healthy development
  • Information about how much food your baby needs as he or she grows
  • Diaper checks to ensure proper intake
  • A bilirubin check, which can detect jaundice
  • Newborn reflex and development assessment
  • “Tummy time” instructions
  • Advice on how to baby-proof your home for child safety

For mothers - a general health and safety assessment, including:

  • Signs of post-partum depression
  • Overall health assessment, including blood pressure, other vital signs and presence of infection
  • Review of medical/surgical history
  • Overall discussion of pain and pain management options
  • General nutrition assessment
  • Breastfeeding education and/or training, general nipple care and treatment for engorgement, if necessary

An Opportunity to Get the Information You Need

During the visit, if anything appears to be out of line with standard health guidelines and development, our specially trained registered nurse will be in touch with your doctor to make sure that you and/or your newborn receive the necessary care. The visit is a good time for mothers to ask any questions that she’s been meaning to ask, but hasn’t had the time (or energy!) to research.

We Look Forward to Helping You

For more information about Southwest General’s Newborn Visit program, please call 440-816-4674.

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