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Travelers' Clinic

Couple on Vacation

We can make your travel experience a healthy and safe one

With international travel growing dramatically, estimates are that airlines carry more than two billion people annually. More than 730 million of these travelers cross international borders. As a result, diseases can pass from one country to the next in a matter of hours. Up to 70 percent of international travelers return home with a travel-related illness. Fortunately, many of these illnesses are preventable, and we can help.

Services Designed to Protect and Educate Travelers 

Whatever your destination, Southwest General's Travelers' Clinic can provide you with the individual attention and the education, vaccinations immunizations and medications you need for a safe and healthy trip. We’re ready to help before you depart with services to make sure you stay healthy while abroad and return healthy. Services include:

Pre-Trip Counseling
Your pre-trip visit will include at least 30 minutes of personal, one-on-one consultation with a board-certified family medicine physician with special certification in International Health. Your physician will review:

  • Your medical history
  • Your immunization/vaccination record
  • Your travel itinerary--destination, length of stay, accommodations and activities

This information will help us provide you with comprehensive, up-to-date advice, individualized to your personal health needs and travel plans.

Immunizations and Medications
Based on your itinerary and medical history, we will provide any required immunizations or vaccinations, including vaccination for Hepatitis A, flu, Typhoid and Yellow Fever. Additionally, we will provide medications to help protect against diarrhea,malaria, altitude sickness and other illnesses.

NOTE: Our Travelers' Clinic is designated as an official Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinic by the State of Ohio.

Health and Safety Precautions
During your visit, we will assess any potential health and safety risks you may encounter based on your itinerary. To help protect you, we’ll offer food and beverage precautions, insect precautions, advice on prevention of travelers’ diarrhea, altitude sickness and rabies, as well as crime prevention and personal safety.

Post-Trip Evaluations
Southwest General’s Travelers’ Clinic also offers post-trip evaluation and treatment for travelers who may experience an illness, especially any fever or rash, which should receive immediate medical attention.

Fast, Flexible Appointment Times
To schedule a pre-trip consultation or post-trip evaluation, call our Health Connection at 330-558-0070. Your appointment will be scheduled within one or two days of your call. Flexible appointment hours are available.


Many insurance carriers do not pay for travel-related vaccines and medications. Therefore, you will be asked to pay at the time of your visit. Please ask our staff for more information when you call to schedule your appointment.

We Look Forward to Helping You

Whatever your destination, we offer convenient, quality care with a personal touch. For more information on Southwest General’s Travelers Clinic, call our Health Connection at 440-816-5050.

Our Travelers Clinic is located at:
Southwest General's Brunswick Medical Center & ER

Brunswick Family Practice
4065 Center Rd. -- Suite 216
Brunswick, OH 44212


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