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Pangrangi Tower Collage
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Pandrangi Tower

Healing Touches

The new Pandrangi Tower on Southwest General's Main Campus features three floors and 96 private patient rooms. The building is exceptional when it comes to design, technology and artistic features.

Bringing the outdoors in

MetroparksSituated next to the Metroparks, the Tower features walls of glass and large windows, emphasizing plenty of natural light and beautiful, calming exterior views.  Additionally, a variety of original artwork from local artists has been carefully selected to adorn the walls. It mirrors the buildings natural surroundings and helps to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing combination of light, texture, shadow and color.

Neighborhood Concept Benefits Patients, Staff

Patient floors in the Pandrangi Tower have been designed specifically to make it easier for staff to monitor and care for patients and for patients to access staff. Each patient floor in the new building is composed of “neighborhoods” of eight beds each. Staffing is based on this eight-bed concept so that caregivers will need to travel no further than 60 feet from a support space to reach a patient room. Previously, the distance from the nurses’ station to a patient’s room could be 180 feet or more. 

Special Features for Family Members

Patient rooms feature plenty of space for families, and in-room couches convert to comfortable single beds for overnight stays when needed. Additionally, there are many comfortable family waiting areas on each floor as well as dedicated rooms for physicians to consult privately with family members. A special pantry features items for family members who are visiting with loved ones and may be in need of a beverage or snack.

Other amenities in the new Pandrangi Tower include rooms with special lift equipment for bariatric patients and those with disabilities. A conference room that provides staff wth the ability to participate in videoconferencing or consult with colleagues. 

For more information on the Pandrangi tower at Southwest General, call Health Connection at 440-816-5050.

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