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Post-acute Services

Post-acute Services

Specialized Post Acute Services for Patients Too Ill to Return Home

Post Acute Services offer the additional support many patients need when they no longer require the intense level of care provided in the inpatient (acute) hospital setting but are too ill to return home.

At Southwest General, skillled, experienced caregivers offer comprehensive, compassionate Post Acute Services that include:

  • Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation--Provides a bridge from hospital care until the patient can be released to a skilled nursing facility or home. Patients in Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation are required to have a minimum of three hours of combined physical, occupational, and speech therapy per day, meet certain diagnostic criteria, and demonstrate consistent functional improvement.  

Additional Services for Care and Support

In addition to Post Acute Services, Southwest General provides the following services that help patients transition to home and community or receive the medical care they need: Outpatient Rehabilitation, Home Care and Hospice.

Specially Trained Staff  Provide Quality Care, Peace of Mind

Southwest General’s Post Acute Services team of professionals is focused on providing quality care to help patients recuperate as quickly and safely as possible. Each patient receives an individualized plan of care and focused attention from experienced board-certified physicians and specially trained staff. A physiatrist, a physician specializing in rehabilitation care, carefully monitors the care and progress of Acute Rehabilitation patients so that they return home with an improved quality of life, and so that they—and their families and loved ones—can have peace of mind while they recuperate.

We Look Forward to Helping You

For more information about Acute Rehabilitation or  Skilled Nursing capabilities at Southwest General, please call 440-816-5050.

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