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Proactive Athletic Assessment and Performance


Proactive Athletic Assessment and Performance (PAAP) is a scientifically based training program.

Unique to Northeast Ohio, the six-week program uses specialized techniques to enhance pitching/throwing performance through:

  • A connected motion (the sum of the body parts working in harmony)
  • Improved command and velocity
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Improved mental focus

Program Features

The PAAP training program includes:

  • Three, two-hour sessions each week for six weeks.
    The six weeks can be split into two, three-week blocks. Each session focuses on:
    – Warm-up
    – Hip and thoracic (mid back) mobility
    – Strength/power utilizing total body movements
    – Throwing motion, command and velocity
    – Mental game
  • Total body assessment prior to the start of training with specific, individualized exercise program to address problems
  •  One to two instructors per training session
  •  Eight to 10 athletes per session

Program Fees

Six-week program cost: $450, includes the total body assessment.

Three-week program cost: $225, includes the opportunity to register for a second three-week session.

For those who pay for the entire six-week program up front, the cost is $425.

Program Dates and Times

Programs for pitchers/position players 12-18 years of age are held throughout the year.
Please check back soon for dates and times of upcoming sessions.


All PAAP training will take place at the Strongsville Stallions facility located at 5460 Wegman Rd., Valley City.


For more information on the PAAP program, or to register for the program, contact Steve Pritchard, MS, AT, at 440-263-5727 or

Expert Staff Members

PAAP staff members have extensive baseball experience. Additionally, each staff member has areas of expertise related to pitching/throwing performance.
Staff members include:

Jason FrederickJason Frederick

Expertise: Arm care, pitching motion

Pitching coach: Strongsville High School, 2007-present
Head coach: Huron High School, 2000-2002
Assistant coach: Huron High School, 1998-2000

Steve PritchardSteve Pritchard, MS, AT

Expertise: Body assessment, pitching motion

Athletic Trainer: Southwest General, 1999-present
Head Athletic Trainer: Strongsville High School, 2011-present
Assistant Athletic Trainer: Strongsville High School, 1999-2011

Joe KopaczJoe Kopacz AT, CSCS

Expertise: Strength and conditioning, movement and body assessment

Athletic Trainer: Southwest General, 2002-present
Head Strength Coach: Strongsville High School, 2002-present
Assistant Athletic Trainer: Strongsville High School, 2002-present

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