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Constant Care Nursery


A special place for special infants

If your newborn needs more individualized care and attention, Southwest General's Maternity Services has a Constant Care Nursery (CCN).

As parents, you naturally are upset and uncertain about the course of your infant's stay in this unit.  Rest assured, in the CCN, your baby will be continually observed and will receive a lot of "TLC."

For bonding and keeping up with progress, you are encouraged to visit your infant as often a you like, 24 hours a day.  Your nurse will tell you how to enter the hospital after 8 p.m., which is when the doors to the facility are locked.  If you want to spend the night, complimentary sleeping rooms are available.  If you are not able to visit, you can call the CCN any time, day or night, to check on your infant's progress.

Parents will continue to wear their mother/baby indentification band, which identifies you with your infant, until your baby is discharged.

Constant Care Nursery Guidelines

Before family members are permitted to visit the CCN, you will check with nurse caring for your baby.  A parent/significant other with an identification band must be present with any visitor(s) at the bedside.

We Look Forward to Helping You

For more information about the Constant Care Nursery at Southwest General, 440-816-5050

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