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Breastfeeding & Nursing With Kangaroo Care

Breastfeeding and nursing in Cleveland

Learn how to breastfeed with our Kangaroo Care breastfeeding services in Cleveland.

The Maternity Services at Southwest General located near Cleveland promote a special technique--starting in the Delivery Room--for holding your baby skin-to-skin on your bare chest. This nursing method is called Kangaroo Care (KC) because it mimics the way a mother kangaroo holds her babies and helps you form a special bond, right from the start.

Your nurses will help you begin KC; teach you the techniques to use; and tell you what to expect from your infant during KC. You will be able to place your baby into KC without assistance and can continue to do the technique as often as you like, for as long as your baby tolerates it. The KC breastfeeding and nursing technique even works for twins!

Studies have shown that KC is very beneficial to both you and your baby. In KC:

  • Mothers and fathers form special bonds with their babies.
  • Babies gain weight faster, cry less and sleep better.
  • There is improved breastfeeding success--babies "latch on" more easily in KC, and there is increased milk production. Breastfed babies have decreased number of infections in their first year of life.
  • Babies can regulate their own feedings if held in KC for long periods of time as they will have ready access to the breast for spontaneous feedings.

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