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Bariatric Nonsurgical Options

Medical Weight Loss

Surgery is only one option, and it’s not for everyone.

That’s why Southwest General offers a number of non-surgical options for patients who don’t qualify for bariatric surgery or want to try a different solution.

No matter the direction you choose, Southwest General will provide you with one-on one, personalized care throughout your journey. Weight-loss programs aren’t about making a cosmetic change. This is about changing an entire lifestyle and the way you think about nutrition and exercise.

Physician/Dietitian Weight Loss Program

  • Physician and dietitian visit with the patient on a monthly basis for at least three to nine months, depending on individual need and/or insurance requirements.
  • Physician oversees the program, determining the best approach for the patient to lose weight.
  • Dietitian monitors the patient’s intake of calories and nutrients at each visit and provides education on a different topic each month.
  • Promotes weight loss and exercise and improves a patient’s nutrition knowledge.

Liquid Diet Program

  • Physician-supervised program to jump start weight loss.
  • Patients are placed on a diet of liquid and nutrition bar supplements for two-week intervals, depending on weight-loss progress.
  • Labs and biweekly visits with the physician are required.
  • Patients are transitioned to the maintenance diet with the aid of a dietitian.


More than once I've watched people do a double take or they really have to concentrate on who I am. The absolute best compliment I can get is, "I didn't recognize you!" I can't hear that enough. Thank you for your support, the education you gave me and for being behind me the whole way. — SUSAN, Lost 95 pounds following the weight loss program and surgery.