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Athletic Assessment

Proactive Athletic Assessment and Performance (PAAP) – Evidence-Based Training Program

Looking for a way to improve your athletic performance both on and off the field? The Proactive Athletic Assessment and Performance Program (PAAP) is an evidence-based program unique to Northeast Ohio. In this six-week program, participants learn specialized techniques to enhance their throwing/pitching performance through:

  • Improved command and velocity
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Improved mental focus
  • A connected motion (the sum of the body parts working in harmony)

Program Features

The PAAP training program consists of three, two-hour sessions every week for six weeks. Depending on your needs and schedule, these six weeks can be broken up into two three-week blocks.

Each training sessions focuses on:

  • Warm-up
  • Hip and thoracic (mid-back) mobility
  • Strength/power utilizing total body movements
  • Throwing motion, command and velocity
  • Mental game

A total body assessment is performed prior to the start of training. This information allows our instructors to build a specific, individualized exercised program for every participant. Every participant will work with one to two instructors per training session and each session consists of eight to 10 participants.

Program Fees:

  • Six-week program cost: $450, includes the total body assessment.
  • Three-week program cost: $250, includes the opportunity to register for a second three-week session.
  • Full body assessments are also offered at a separate fee if training is not an option. The assessment cost is $85.


All PAAP training will take place at the Premier Baseball Facility located at 5460 Wegman Rd., Valley City.


Programs for pitchers/position players 12-18 years of age are held throughout the year. For more information on the PAAP program, or to register for the program, contact Steve Pritchard, MS, AT, at 440-263-5727 or

Expert Staff Members

PAAP staff members have extensive baseball experience. Additionally, each staff member has areas of expertise related to pitching/throwing performance.

Staff members include:

Jason Frederick

Expertise: Arm care, pitching motion

Pitching coach: Strongsville High School, 2007-present
Head coach: Huron High School, 2000-2002
Assistant coach: Huron High School, 1998-2000

Steve Pritchard, MS, AT

Expertise: Body assessment, pitching motion

Athletic Trainer: Southwest General, 1999-present
Head Athletic Trainer: Strongsville High School, 2011-present
Assistant Athletic Trainer: Strongsville High School, 1999-2011

Joe Kopacz AT, CSCS

Expertise: Strength and conditioning, movement and body assessment

Athletic Trainer: Southwest General, 2002-present
Head Strength Coach: Strongsville High School, 2002-present
Assistant Athletic Trainer: Strongsville High School, 2002-present