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Dance Therapy

Don’t Let an Injury Stop You From Dancing

Dance is a beautiful, but physically demanding, art form. The intense demands of training and performance often make dancers prime candidates for injury. Dance Physical Therapy is physical rehabilitation focused on the prevention, assessment and treatment/management of dance-related injuries.

Did You Know?

  • 75–97 percent of dancers are injured annually.
  • 80 percent of dancers experience a major injury during their career.
  • 65 percent of dance injuries are overuse injuries, and 35 percent are acute, traumatic Injuries.

Dancers are vulnerable to a wide range of injuries to the foot, ankle and lower leg, including stress fractures, tendon injuries, sprains and strains. The good news is that 98 percent of dance injuries respond to conservative treatment.

Treatment Options

Physical therapy can help facilitate recovery from a dance injury through the use of hands-on care, exercise and dance-specific treatment strategies. Physical Therapists also can administer modalities to reduce symptoms and speed healing.

About the Dance Therapy Program

The dancer is an athlete with a very specific set of demands on the body. Our goal is to address the specialized needs of the dance patient and to safely return dancers to rehearsal and performance as quickly as possible. Our clinicians have a knowledge base in the art and technique of dance and/or experience in the performing environment as well as decades of experience treating athletes of all skill levels.

When treating the injured dancer, physical environment, rehearsal/performance schedule, costumes, shoes and fatigue all are factors considered by the physical therapist. Rehabilitation focuses on specific dance steps and muscular imbalances, both those causing the injury and those that need to be addressed to prevent future injury.

We Look Forward to Helping You

To learn more about our Dance Therapy, or to schedule a new patient appointment, call 833-SW-REHAB (833-797-3422).

Dance Therapy is available at the following locations:

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