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C.O.O.L. Kids

Cool Kids

Southwest General helps make dreams come true for children with special needs

At Southwest General, we know how important it is to help make dreams come true and put a smile on the face of community children who face mental or physical challenges.

A Commitment to Fulfilling the Dreams of Special Needs Pediatric Patients
In addition to the medical services they routinely provide, Southwest General's caring and compassionate Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) professionals are proud of the programs they have developed to help special needs pediatric patients, including the Fulfill a Dream program and the C.O.O.L. Kids Race.

Community Involvement at Its Finest

The following programs are conducted by PM&R staff members who volunteer their time to work with these children and their families.

C.O.O.L. (Children Overcoming Obstacles in Life) Kids Race
This annual event is for physically and/or mentally challenged children of all ages. The race takes place on the grounds of LifeWorks  of Southwest General and is held rain or shine. In nice weather, the children complete laps around an outdoor track. In rainy weather, the race moves indoors to the gym area.

On race day, children and their families are invited to join in a pre-race warm up. The race then starts with the youngest age groups and gradually moves to the older age groups. For each group, children in wheelchairs and walkers go first. Each child receives a T-shirt, a medal and a prize for participating in the race. After the race there are games, activities and refreshments for the children and their families. It’s a fun-filled day for everyone!

The C.O.O.L. Kids race is supported by generous donations from physicians, families, Southwest General staff members, community organizations and members of the public. Funds raised by the race help support the "Fulfill a Dream" program.

"Fulfill a Dream" Program 
This program is supported in large part by funds raised from the C.O.O.L. Kids Race. It is designed to help fulfill the dreams of pediatric patients who have significant physical or mental challenges, but who are not terminally ill.Through "Fulfill a Dream," Southwest General PM&R staff members are able to help children who wish to do something special that their families can't afford, often due to medical expenses. In the past, dreams of an adaptive playground, a tricycle made for two and even a remodeled pediatric floor have come to life thanks to the "Fulfill a Dream" program.

We Look Forward to Helping You
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