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The Importance of Women's Well-Women Visits

The Importance of Women's Well-Women Visits

It’s no surprise that in today’s busy world, the last thing you think of is going to the doctor when you're well. Though it might be easy to push aside, staying on top of your well-woman appointments can be one of the best decisions you can make for your overall health and wellness. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider scheduling your annual well-woman visit today:

What to Expect

At age 21, most well-woman visits will include reviewing health history and habits as well as a physical exam, which could consist of:

● Blood pressure check

● Height and weight measurements

● Clinical breast exam

● Pelvic exam

● Pap Test

● Immunization review

● Discussions and counseling to encourage informed health decisions

● and more.

As you age and your health needs change, your well-woman visit also will begin to include referrals for other types of screenings and testing such as a mammogram.

The Key to Prevention

The truth is, it’s easier to prevent illness than to treat it, and the whole focus of a well-visit is prevention. From a full physical to breast and cervical cancer testing, you will undergo several preventive tests to catch anything early. With many types of illness, the earlier it’s found, the better your outcome and treatment plan will be.

Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Doctor

You want to be able to openly discuss and share your fears, thoughts and symptoms with someone you trust. With regular visits, your relationship with your doctor will improve, allowing you to work side by side to keep your health in check as the years go by.

It’s an Important Part of Planning

For younger women, well-visits can provide a good understanding of your reproductive health, making it a bit less stressful to begin starting a family and making the journey feel more comfortable. For older women, well-visits can help during the transition to menopause in later years.

At Southwest General, we know taking charge of your health can sometimes be put on the backburner. That’s why we offer a variety of programs to promote women’s health. See our full list of service here