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Main Campus Building Map

Hospital Map
Anderson Hall D BSMT
Blood Drawing Station C 3
Breast Center D 1
Cafeteria D BSMT
Cardiovascular Services D 2
Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab D BSMT
Cashier B BSMT
Critical Care E200 - E240 E 2
Clinical Outreach Services B 3
Community Pharmacy B 1
Corner Shop B 1
Corporate Office C 3
Corporate Conference Room C 3
Coumadin Clinic C 4
CT Scan - Outpatient C 1
Dewitt Conference Room D BSMT
Education Training Room D BSMT
Employee Health Clinic C 3
Endoscopy A 1
Foundation C 1
Geriatric Behavioral Health D 3
Health and Wellness c 4
Heart & Vascular Institute A 4
Human Resources D BSMT
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy D BSMT
Jones Atrium D BSMT
Labor and Delivery D 3
Laboratory Services D 1
Main Lobby / Information B 1
Marketing C BSMT
Materials Management D BSMT
Medical Records B BSMT
Nuclear Medicine D BSMT
Outpatient Center B 1
Parking Garage D D B-5
Parking Garage E E B-1
Patient Rooms D143 - D294 D 1-3
Patient Rooms E300 - E532 E 3-5
Police Department D 1
Preadmission Testing B 1
Pulmonary Function Testing D 2
Radiology D 1
Social Work D BSMT
Staff and Leadership Learning & Development D BSMT
Suites A210 - A421 A 2-4
Suites B301 - B316 B 3
Suites C101 - C412 C 1-4
Surgery Waiting B 2
Therapy Services D BSMT
UH Seidman Medical Oncology D 1
UH Seidman Radiation Oncology C 1
Vascular Lab D 1
Volunteer Services D BSMT
Williams Conference Center C BSMT
Wound Care Center D 2

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