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HealtheLife Patient Portal

Health Care at Your Fingertips

You shop online. You bank online. You share online. Now you can manage your health online, too.

Southwest General’s HealtheLife gives you easy online access to portions of your hospital-based electronic medical record.

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Additionally, HealtheLife offers a variety of health and wellness resources to help you more easily manage your health.

There is no cost to register for HealtheLife—setting up your account is FREE and takes only a few minutes.

With a Southwest General HealtheLife account, you can enjoy accessing your health and wellness information in comfort and privacy around the clock. HealtheLife is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere you have internet access. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer!

Take better control of your health 24/7/365:


For easier access to your HealtheLife account, download the FREE HealtheLife app:

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When setting up your account, use a strong password to further protect your private health information: Create a password that is at least 10 characters long. Longer passwords can be easier to remember if you use a passphrase – a series of words separated by spaces. Avoid using common phrases, song lyrics, or movie quotes that are easy for a hacking program to guess. Another way to create a strong password is to mix uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols within the password. Avoid re-using the same password or passphrase for various applications and websites.

Managing your health is easier than ever

Once your account is set up, Southwest General's HealtheLife can help you to more actively, and more easily, manage your health care. Use this secure tool to:

Family iconManage Your Care (and the care of family members**)

  • View your test results, including lab and X-ray
  • See a list of your current medications
  • Renew prescriptions
  • Record wellness information such as blood pressure, weight, activity and nutrition
  • See reminders for screenings and other preventive care
  • Make updates to your contact and insurance information

Schedule iconSchedule and Manage Appointments

  • Request an appointment
  • Fill out forms prior to appointments
  • View your upcoming appointments
  • Pay your bill online

Communicate iconCommunicate with Your SGMG Provider

  • Send messages to your Southwest General Medical Group provider
  • Request a Scheduled Telehealth Visit with your SGMG provider
  • View clinical notes
  • Download medical records to share with your doctor

Southwest General's HealtheLife is completely confidential and meets all federal HIPAA guidelines designed to protect your private health information.

For problems logging in to your HealtheLife account or to reset your password, call Technical Support at 877-621-8014, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

If you received an invitation to sign up for HealtheLife and the link does not work, contact us at

**Managing the Care of Family Members

Southwest General’s HealtheLife offers proxy access for those who manage the care of family members such as a child, spouse or elderly parent.

Proxy access authorizes a parent, legal guardian or caregiver to view, download or transmit all of a patient’s health information available in the HealtheLife patient portal. Additionally, the proxy can communicate with the patient's physician office(s) on behalf of the patient via the HealtheLife portal.

To Obtain Proxy Access:

Authorization Form

  • Download the HealtheLife Authorization to Use & Disclose Health Information form above
  • Complete the form (make sure that all fields, including signatures, are complete)
  • Return the form in one of the following ways:
    - Via email to:
    - Via U.S. mail to:
    Southwest General Health Center
    Health Information Management Department
    18697 Bagley Road
    Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
    - In person to the Health Information Management Department (address above)

Proxy access remains in effect until it is revoked by the patient or their personal representative. Please call Southwest General’s Health Information Management Department for information on how to revoke proxy access: 440-816-8480.