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Board of Trustees

Boards of Trustees: Dedicated Leadership from Our Communities

Since its founding by local communities more than 90 years ago, Southwest General has enjoyed a unique partnership with the communities it serves. Today, the health center is supported by a self-imposed tax levy in Berea, Brook Park, Columbia Township, Middleburg Heights, Olmsted Falls and Strongsville. Representatives from these communities serve on Southwest General's board of trustees, helping to promote effective communication between the health center and its constituencies.

Southwest Community Health System Board of Trustees

Ex-Officio Trustees

  • William A. Young, President & CEO
  • Ferdinand M. Plecha, MD, Immediate Past President of the Medical Staff

Medical Staff Trustee

  • Vasu Pandrangi, MD, Chairman

Trustees At Large

  • Donald E. Hagen, Ed.D.
  • Anthony A. Ripepi, Jr.
  • Tracey L. Shaffer
  • Terry Toth
  • Alan E. Wheaton

Elected Trustees - Berea

  • Cheryl Banaszak (C)
  • Yvonne Fulimeni
  • Robert C. Helmer, JD, Ph.D.
  • Hilary B. Wilson

Elected Trustees - Brook Park

  • Thomas Greenlee
  • Richard A. Salvatore (C)

Elected Trustees - Columbia Township

  • Wayne E. Brassell
  • Melvin C. Grills
  • Henry R. Heidecker (Dick) (C)
  • David P. Muhek

Elected Trustees - Middleburg Heights

  • David Bortolotto (C), Secretary
  • Alan C. Budney
  • Eileen M. Herold, Treasurer
  • James F. Sheppard

Elected Trustees - Olmsted Falls

  • Linda Garrity (C)
  • Thomas Kronholz, DDS
  • Anne L. Pennock
  • James C. Schneider, DDS

Elected Trustees - Strongsville

  • James Carbone (C)
  • David R. Knowles
  • Thomas W. Laub
  • Trilok C. Sharma, MD

Chairmen Emeriti

  • Ronald L. Leach
  • David P. Muhek

Trustee Emeritus

  • James E. Davis
  • Michael D. Kalinich, Sr.
  • Leroy McCreary

Southwest General Health Center Board of Trustees

Ex-Officio Trustees

  • William A. Young, President & CEO
  • Mark Panigutti, MD, President SWGHC Medical Staff
  • Michael Deucher, MD, Vice President SWGHC Medical Staff

Southwest Community Health System Appointees

  • Wayn E. Brassell
  • Mel A. Hauser, Treasurer
  • Eileen M. Herold
  • R. Terry Krivak
  • Christine Lobas
  • James F. Sheppard
  • Rickey J. Shyne, Ph.D., PE
  • Jack W. Thomason

University Hospitals Health Sysytem Appointees

  • Samuel E. Ake
  • Michael K. Baach
  • Michael A. Cogan
  • Richard Hanson
  • Adrian Maldonado, Vice Chairman
  • Jeffrey H. Peters, MD
  • Richard W. Pogue
  • Cynthia V. Schulz, Chairman
  • Donald Sheldon, MD
  • Paul G. Tait
  • Todd Zeiger, MD
  • Cindy Zelis, MD

Chairmen Emeriti

  • G. Mervin Ault
  • Leroy McCreary
  • David P. Muhek

Southwest Community Health Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Brett C. Hazard, Chairman
  • William A. Young, President and C.E.O.
  • Michael H. Novak, Vice Chairman
  • William G. Murphy, Treasurer
  • Diane Baker, Secretary
  • Alok Bhaiji, MD
  • Debbie Brassell
  • Michael F. Deucher, MD
  • Mark J. Elliott
  • Victor T. Geraci
  • Carl K. McLaughlin
  • Thomas P. Perciak, Chairman Emeritus
  • L.C. Rao, M.D.
  • Susan O. Scheutzow
  • Thomas A. Selden, FACHE
  • George G. Szeretvai
  • Ronald J. Warzel