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Building Healthy Coping Skills

Building Healthy Coping Skills

Effectively Managing Your Stress Levels

From big presentations at work to an unexpectedly high bill, everyone experiences heightened levels of stress every now and then. How we choose to deal with that stress is important. When feeling overwhelmed with stress, it's easy to turn to self-medicating to cope. However, there are plenty of healthier ways to self-soothe and get through emotional hardships.

Why Healthy Coping Mechanisms are Important

When dealing with high levels of stress on a daily basis, many individuals are tempted to turn to alcohol and drugs for relief of their symptoms of stress and anxiety. While this can provide quick, temporary relief from the negative emotions associated with stress, this unhealthy habit can lead to the development of a long-term substance use disorder or chemical dependency issues.

Healthy Ways to Cope With Elevated Stress

Instead of unhealthy choices, the next time you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, try some of these healthy activities to help you feel more relaxed and at peace:

  • Go for a walk or run
  • Take a warm bath or shower
  • Light some lavender-scented candles
  • Write your feelings down in a journal
  • Talk to someone you trust
  • Try progressive muscle relaxation
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Catch up on your sleep
  • Try yoga
  • Try mindfulness meditation
  • Practice positive affirmations
  • Try deep breathing exercises

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