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Prepared Childbirth Live Webex - 2 Evening Sessions

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  • Event Type:Prenatal & Family Life Programs

This Prepared Childbirth Class is now a live Webex class hosted by an instructor with live interaction. This is a class consisting of two sessions. You must attend both sessions listed in the series. The two sessions are:

Session 1 ...................... Session 2

February 3, 2021 ............ February 10, 2021

The purpose of childbirth classes is to relieve the fear of the unknown. In our Prepared Childbirth classes, we discuss how amazing your body is, and how to help it adapt to the challenges of childbirth.

We’ll guide you through with education, skills, positioning, breathing and partnership. These techniques empower the mother to labor in her environment, and then finally, to her hospital environment.

We teach mom and dad / significant other / support person to trust her own body, to trust each other, and then to trust the amazing staff in Labor and Delivery and Postpartum.

This class should be scheduled so it ends 3 weeks or more before your due date.
Please schedule well in advance. It's never too early. These classes fill quickly.

Be more confident and less afraid! Decrease discomfort during labor. Knowledge is power!


- How to manage and reduce labor discomfort at home and in the hospital
- Danger signs in pregnancy, what to do, and who to call
- How to recognize Preterm labor and what to do
- How to recognize the start of labor, when to call the doctor, what to pack, and where to go
- What to expect in labor and during birth; what is "normal"
- What procedures are done during labor and birth and what your options and choices are
- Your options and choices for medication and anesthesia

You will also learn:

-Lamaze Techniques…Breathing…Relaxation…Visualization…Positioning…& Much More!

-How important Dad / Mom’s Significant Other /or Support Person is to the Laboring Mom.

MATERNITY TOUR and Book with web accessible videos included

If you are on Bedrest, Have a very busy schedule that a Prepared Childbirth Class won't work into, or a Prepared Childbirth class is not available before your due date, contact us at (440) 816-8036. We can help you!

Very often, classes can be paid with your Insurance Health Savings Account.

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  • Price: $80.00
  • Registration Instructions: Payment due at registration