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Prepared Childbirth eClass - Self Paced

  • Categories: Prenatal & Family Life Programs

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  • Event Type:Prenatal & Family Life Programs

Can’t come to Childbirth Class? Working late, weekends? On bedrest? There is nothing like an in-person class, if that’s not possible, these classes are the perfect alternative for you. Unlike other online programs, this class is specific to Southwest General; our policies and our procedures.


  • About your changing body
  • Danger signs in late pregnancy, what to do, and who to call
  • How to recognize Preterm labor and what to do
  • How to recognize the start of labor, when to call the doctor, what to pack, and where to go
  • What to expect in labor and during birth; what is “normal”
  • What procedures are done during labor and birth and what your options are
  • Your options for medication and anesthesia

Learn Medication Free Techniques Too:

  • Lamaze Breathing Techniques
  • Water Therapy, Showers, and the Labor Tub
  • Relaxation and Massage Techniques
  • Visualization and Imagery
  • How to use a Birth Ball and Peanut
  • Role of your Support Person
  • Music and Aromatherapy

Very often, classes can be paid with your Insurance Health Savings Account.

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  • Price: $80.00