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Five Ways to Keep Your Brain Young

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  • Written By: Southwest General Medical Group, Inc.
Five Ways to Keep Your Brain Young

Most of us know that exercise is an essential part of the wellness puzzle to support physical health, but what about mental health? Here are five significant ways you can keep your mind healthy and active at any age:

1. Do Brain-Boosting Activities

If you don’t use your body’s muscles and work them out regularly, you will lose tone in them. Your memory is no different. With the right daily brain-boosting activities, you can better your ability to process and remember information. Think of it as your “mental workout.”

But how do you pick the right activities? Try to select activities that:

  • Help you learn something new

  • Are challenging and require your full attention

  • Require varied skill levels for continuous growth

  • Help you feel accomplished and rewarded

Consistently engaging in activities that involve thinking and learning can help promote brain health and provide enjoyment as well.

2. Make Sure to Keep Active

Research shows that regular exercise brings oxygen-rich blood to the portion of the brain responsible for thoughts, making your daily workout good not only for your physical health but also for your mental health.

3. Don’t Miss Out on Sleep

Quality sleep is needed for memory consolidation, the process in which our brain converts short-term memories into long-term ones. Memory-enhancing activities happen in the deep sleep stages. Additionally, adequate sleep can increase focus and improve problem-solving skills.

4. Socialize More

A good laugh, a long talk or just having a support system is good for your mental well-being. An active social life can slow your rate of memory decline, and a good laugh with friends and family can help engage and stimulate your mind.

5. Take Charge of Your Health

By taking charge of your diet and including healthy fats, vegetables, whole grains and fruit, you give your body and brain the energy they need to function properly, In contrast, however, a diet high in saturated fats and calories may increase your chances of developing dementia and can lead to impaired memory and concentration.

By choosing a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with your regular physicals and recommended preventive care, you can work towards better physical and mental health. Southwest General Medical Group offers both primary and specialty care services to help you focus on prevention and early disease detection.