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Warning Signs of Menorrhagia

Warning Signs of Menorrhagia

Understanding Menorrhagia

Affecting more than 10 million American women each year, menorrhagia is one of the most common gynecological health concerns women report to their OB-GYN during their well-woman visits. However, many women have not heard of this women’s health issue.

In light of Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month, the health experts at Southwest General will shed some light on this common menstrual bleeding disorder.

What is Menorrhagia?

Menorrhagia is a term used to refer to menstrual bleeding that lasts for more than seven days. In many cases, it is accompanied by a heavier flow than normal.

Common causes of this bleeding disorder include:

  • Growths or tumors in the uterus
  • Cervical or uterine cancer
  • Certain birth control methods
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Hormone-related issues
  • Other health disorders

Common Signs & Symptoms

While symptoms and their severity may vary from person to person, some of the most common signs of menorrhagia include:

  • A heavy flow that soaks through more than one pad or tampon in an hour
  • The need to wear two pads at the same time to control your menstrual flow
  • Having to change your pad or tampon during the night
  • Periods that last more than seven days
  • Having blood clots the size of a quarter during your period
  • Having a flow so heavy that you can’t do certain activities
  • Constant abdominal pain during periods
  • Feeling tired or lethargic
  • Anemia

This type of bleeding requires medical attention as it can be a sign of a bigger issue. If you’ve noticed one or more of the symptoms mentioned above, be sure to bring this to the attention of your health care provider.

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