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Fall Activities to Stay Fit and Active This Season

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Fall Activities to Stay Fit and Active This Season

When the temperatures drop in the fall, it can be challenging to remain active, especially if the cold isn’t for you. The brisk, shorter days of fall do not compare to the hot, sunny days of summer. While the fall may bring the comfort of remaining indoors near the fireplace watching holiday movies, it’s important to maintain an active lifestyle for your health.

Here are some fun and unique activities you can incorporate into your life this fall to remain active.

Why Staying Active is Important

Regular physical activity is integral to overall health and wellness. It strengthens the heart and lungs, improves mental health, aids in weight management and reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. As the weather changes, adjusting our exercise habits to continue reaping these benefits is crucial.

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Fall Activities for Fitness and Health

Here are some enjoyable ways to stay fit and active this fall:

1. Walks or Jogs

Fall is the perfect time for walking or jogging. The fall foliage makes your environment all the more stunning, while the cooler weather makes it easier to exercise without the pain of heat or humidity. Make it a daily routine to keep your heart healthy and strong. There are many local holiday-themed races train for and participate in, including turkey trots or Halloween runs.

2. Hiking

Weekends or evenings can be a great time for exploring local trails. The cooler temperatures make hiking more comfortable, and the changing scenery adds an element of enjoyment to the workout. Remember to wear appropriate footwear, and bring plenty of water.

3. Yardwork

Raking leaves and gardening might not seem like the most fun form of exercise, but the benefits of yardwork are important. These activities engage multiple muscle groups, improving strength and endurance.

4. Apple Picking

Apple picking is a fun fall activity that gets you moving without feeling like you’re exercising. Walking around an apple orchard provides light cardio and stretching. Plus, you'll have a bounty of fresh, healthy fruit to enjoy.

5. Outdoor Sports

Join a local organization or start your own game. Football, soccer, volleyball, paddleball and more are great ways to stay active and social. You can even try solo sports such as cycling, rollerblading or golf.

6. Home Workouts

You can create a home workout routine to get the added benefits of the gym without a gym membership. Activities including yoga, pilates or strength training can easily be done at home with minimal equipment at any time of year.

7. Indoor Swimming

If you miss the water activities of summer, try swimming at your community center or gym. Swimming is a great, low-impact exercise for all fitness levels.

Tips for Staying Active in the Fall

Exercise can look different in the fall, so listening to your body and ensuring you are getting the vital nutrients you need is important. Additionally, it may be helpful to:

  • Dress in layers to adapt to changing temperatures
  • Stay hydrated even if you don't feel thirsty
  • Warm up before exercising to prepare your body and reduce the risk of injury
  • Listen to your body. If an activity causes pain or discomfort, stop and rest.

Primary and Specialty Care in Northeast Ohio

Staying active in the fall is a great way to maintain your fitness and health while enjoying the season. However, pain or illness can prevent you from doing your favorite activities. The Southwest General Health Center has primary and specialty care physicians who can help you stay healthy throughout the year. For more information and to reach out to our team, and schedule an appointment, visit our website at