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Current & Past Residents

Jane Bennis

Jane Bennis, PharmD

Current position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Jane graduated from the University of Wyoming in May 2023 with her PharmD. Jane's current career interests are inpatient and outpatient psychiatry and geriatrics. She plans to pursue PGY2 residency. Outside of residency, Jane likes crafting stories, drawing, and the occasional karaoke night.

Raquel Fricker

Raquel Fricker, PharmD

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Raquel graduated from Kent State University with her bachelors degree and more recently from Northeast Ohio Medical University. Raquel's current career interests are Infectious Disease and Emergency Medicine. Outside of work, Raquel enjoys interior design, spending time outside, and playing with her puppy, Blue!

Hannah Robison

Hannah Robison, PharmD, MBA

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Hannah graduated from the University of Findlay in 2022 with a Master’s in Business Administration in Healthcare Management and her PharmD. She completed her PGY1 residency at Southwest General as the graduating class of ’22-‘23. Her current clinical interests include pediatrics, resuscitation and mental health. Her goal for this year is to continue to develop and provide exceptional care to the patients that come through the emergency department, while being an asset to the ED and pharmacy departments. After residency, Hannah hopes to stay in the Cleveland area as an ED pharmacist and continue to provide care to the community’s critically ill population, both big and small. Hannah’s interests outside of pharmacy include, staying active, reading, playing intermural beach volleyball and spending time with her 7 year old Cavapoo, Baloo and her three younger siblings (Arden, Ezra and June.)

Cara Parris

Cara Parish, PharmD

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Cara Parrish is a former resident (2021-2022) who is now employed at Southwest General. Her main focus is internal medicine and critical care while floating to other positions when needed. Cara's experience as an APPE student at SWG contributed to her pursuing residency and making SWG a top choice. As a resident, Cara experienced a wide variety of roles and responsibilities of pharmacists in the unique setting of a non-teaching hospital. In her free time, Cara enjoys playing with her two huskies, exploring local restaurants with her fiancé, and playing rec sports with her friends.

Stephanie Hannah, PharmD

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Stephanie Hannah is an overnight clinical pharmacist at Southwest General, primarily working in the emergency department. She completed her PGY-1 residency at Southwest General in June of 2022 and began her new role in the emergency department upon completion of residency. When Stephanie isn't working, she enjoys playing volleyball, playing card games with her family, kayaking and riding her four-wheeler.

Sara Bonefant

Sara Bonefant, PharmD

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Sara Bonenfant is a staff pharmacist who primarily works in a de-centralized role assisting with transitions of care for patients on the floors. After completing her residency at Southwest General, Sara wished to continue to be involved in the residency program and is a co-preceptor for the internal medicine and transitions of care rotations. After work Sara enjoys spending time at home with her husband (Brandon), son (Bradley) and her two huskies (Nevaeh and Nala).

Caleb Hartzler

Caleb Hartzler, PharmD, BCPS

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Caleb Hartzler graduated from Northeast Ohio Medical University in 2019 and completed his PGY1 pharmacy residency at Southwest General. Caleb stayed on at Southwest General as the inaugural resident in the PGY2 Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Residency. Caleb grew up in Creston, OH and currently still resides in Wayne county. Caleb’s passion is contributing to the care of critically ill patients, and is currently a clinical pharmacist at Southwest General covering the emergency department and critical care and stepdown units.

Jordan Cesta

Jordan Cesta, PharmD, BCPS

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Jordan was in the PGY-1 residency class of 2019-2020. She was hired on a Southwest General post residency as a staffing pharmacist. She works in a variety of areas in the department which include the coumadin clinic, inpatient pharmacy, OR satellite pharmacy, and transitions of care on the general medical floors. There are very few times you will find Jordan working without coffee nearby.

Vinny Notereshi, PharmD

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

(NEOMED) 2018

Marissa Bellot, PharmD, BCPS

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

(University of Kentucky undergrad, Marshall School of Pharmacy) 2018

Samantha Rasure, PharmD, BCPS

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Samantha is a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist whose primary job focus is antimicrobial stewardship. In addition to focusing in infectious diseases Samantha also helps staff the Progressive Care Unit. She is board certified in pharmacotherapy and has also completed antimicrobial stewardship training through the Society of Infectious Disease Pharmacists. The true loves of Samantha's life are her two sons Ryder and Callum and her husband Jordan. They love spending time outside and making delicious home cooked meals.

Victoria Cho

Victoria Cho, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Victoria Cho is a clinical pharmacy specialist, who primarily works in psychiatry and ambulatory care. She serves as a preceptor for both the PGY1 and PGY2 residency programs primarily for the longitudinal research rotation and psychiatry elective. She was recognized as the PGY1 preceptor of the year for 2021-2022. Victoria has also completed her PGY1 residency (2017-2018) and PGY2 ambulatory care residency (2018-2019) at Southwest General. During her spare time, Victoria enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, and spending time with family and friends.

Laura Gross

Laura Gross, PharmD, BCPS

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Laura Gross is an Ambulatory Care pharmacist who completed both her PGY1 and PGY2 pharmacy residencies at Southwest General. After the completion of her residencies, she cared for patients in both the inpatient Internal Medicine and outpatient Ambulatory Care settings, along with working to expand the pharmacist led diabetes education services. Her current role focuses on expanding the Ambulatory Care pharmacy services offered at Southwest General through her passion for empowering patients with the knowledge and tools to take charge of their health. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband (Brad) and son (Hudson) enjoying the outdoors and sunshine, listening to podcasts, telling all of her coworkers about the podcasts, and exercising.

Sabrina Allen, PharmD

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

(University of Toledo) 2016

Angela Dimos, PharmD

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

(NEOMED) 2015

Jeremy Hall, PharmD

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

(NEOMED) 2015

Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown, PharmD, BCPS, BCPP

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Ashley Brown a psychiatry pharmacy specialist who serves as the pharmacy clinical coordinator at Southwest General. Ashley is a 2013 graduate of Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED), and an inaugural graduate of the Southwest General residency program. She has worked extensively in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatry, with a particular fondness for managing patients with substance use disorder. Ashley works to optimize interdisciplinary collaboration, and patient care, through her work on the medication safety, pharmacy and therapeutics, orderset oversight, and residency advisory committees. Away from work, Ashley enjoys time with her husband (Chris), two sons (Oliver and Elijah) and her foster daughter (Maya). Ashley and her husband serve as foster parents in Cuyahoga County, as they're always craving a little more love and craziness in their household.

Rebecca Swierz Margevicius

Rebecca Swierz Margevicius, PharmD, BCPS, BCIDP

Past position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

Rebecca Margevicius is an Antimicrobial Stewardship Pharmacist at Southwest General. She created the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program after completing her PGY-1 residency at Southwest General in 2014. She precepts PGY-1 and PGY-2 residents as well as pharmacy students from both NEOMED and the University of Toledo. Rebecca is the recipient of the 2020 UT APPE Preceptor of the Year award. She is the proud mom of three wonderful kids and enjoys reading, exercising, and Cleveland sports!