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Elective Experiences

  • Psychiatry
  • Transitions of Care
  • Can repeat core experience

Psychiatry is an elective, direct patient care learning experience. The purpose of the rotation is to allow the PGY2 resident to further his/her knowledge base and refine his/her pharmacotherapeutic skills required for the provision of care to acute psychiatric patients. Southwest General supports an inpatient geriatric behavioral health unit, inpatient adult behavioral health unit, and outpatient adult behavioral health service. The resident will work with the multidisciplinary team focusing on the care of acute psychiatrically ill patients. Disease states may include (but are not limited to) acute withdrawal and detoxification, delirium, agitation, catatonia, psychosis, panic, and suicidal ideation or attempt.

Transitions of care is an elective learning experience designed to give the resident understanding of all phases of patient care before, during and after a patient is admitted to the hospital. This experience will build experience on the role of a pharmacist during multiple transition periods, including hospital admission, hospital discharge, and post-discharge care. Post discharge responsibilities involve assisting patients in getting their medications and/or supplies at home, coordinating with home health care, and coordinating with extended care facilities (ECF) to ensure a smooth transition for patients between these locations.