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Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

Acute Rehabilitation Services help a wide variety of patients

In addition to post-acute care, we also offer outpatient rehabilitation, Home Health care and Hospice Services to help patients transition to home and community or receive the medical care they need.

The Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation (Acute Rehab) Unit helps patients experiencing a loss of function from injury or illness to become as independent as possible in the activities of daily living so that they may return home and re-enter the community.

Acute Rehab patients often experience limited ability to care for themselves because of:

  • Impaired mobility, balance and coordination
  • Limited strength and range of motion
  • Sensory loss or visual/perception problems
  • Cognitive problems (issues with memory, problem-solving, etc.)
  • Speech and communication problems
  • Swallowing disorders

The Acute Rehab Unit provides comprehensive rehabilitation for patients across a wide variety of diagnoses, including but not limited to:

  • Amputations
  • Arthritis
  • Brain injury
  • Burns
  • Cerebrovascular accident
  • Congenital deformity
  • Hip fractures
  • Major multiple trauma
  • Orthopedic Conditions
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Neurological disorders (including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease,Polyneuropathy, Guillain-Barre and others)
  • Conditions made worse by illness (including COPD, Heart Disease and others)

Rehabilitation professionals patiently teach patients to maximize function based on their abilities and needs. For instance, patients in therapy can regain the ability to walk after a fall or amputation, talk following a stroke, or re-learn personal hygiene after a serious illness.

The Treatment Team

The Acute Rehab Unit takes an interdisciplinary team approach to successful rehabilitation. Rehabilitation Team members are dedicated to meeting patients' physical, psychological and social needs in an environment that promotes wellness, confidence and independence. Team members develop individualized treatment plans to maximize each patient’s functional abilities. They also provide information about community resources to help smooth the transition to home and community. Team members include:

  • Medical Director
  • Rehabilitation Nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech/Language Therapists
  • Social Workers/Case Managers
  • Psychologists
  • Dietitians

A Team That Puts Patients First

Though your acute care may be finished, that does not mean you will receive any less attention or care from our staff. We understand how difficult it is remaining in the hospital even after your primary treatment is over. Southwest General’s Post-Acute Services team is focused on providing quality care to help patients recuperate as quickly and safely as possible.

Each patient receives an individualized plan of care and focused attention from experienced board-certified physicians and specially trained staff. A physiatrist, a physician specializing in rehabilitation care, carefully monitors the care and progress of Acute Rehabilitation patients so that they return home with an improved quality of life, and so that they—and their families and loved ones—can have peace of mind while they recuperate.

Daily Activities

In addition to daily physical, occupational or speech therapy, patients on the Acute Rehab Unit are encouraged to:

  • Get out of bed each day
  • Participate in daily care such as dressing and grooming to promote independence in the activities of daily living
  • Join in individual and group leisure activities to help resume normal functions of daily living
  • Eat meals with other patients in the dining room to encourage socialization

Visits from family and friends are supported and their participation in patient treatment and educational programs is recommended.


Physicians, discharge planners and medical care managers may all refer patients to the Acute Rehab Unit. Additionally, patients and their families may initiate a referral. If you believe a person may benefit from Acute Rehab services, please call us at 440-816-4550.

Requirements for Admission

Before a patient is admitted, rehabilitation team members conduct a pre-admission screening to review the patient’s condition and medical record. Screenings are performed at no charge on site or in the patient’s home. The screening will help determine if the patient is likely to benefit from an intensive hospital-based rehabilitation program. To qualify for admission, a patient must demonstrate that he or she is:

  • In need of at least two skilled rehabilitation services (services include physical, occupational or speech therapy)
  • Able to participate in at least three hours of therapy per day, five days a week
  • Medically and psychologically stable
  • Mentally alert enough to participate in rehabilitation
  • Expected to improve based on measurable program goals

Admission to Acute Rehab is by physician order. Physicians, following specific admissions criteria, may admit patients directly from acute care hospital settings, home or other facilities.

Insurance Coverage

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation care is covered under Medicare and by other insurance providers based on specific criteria for approved diagnoses. Therapy staff can help determine if a patient’s diagnosis meets coverage requirements based on functional status and physical ability. A representative from Southwest General can help to answer any questions about benefits and coverage prior to admission.

Learn More

Patients and their family members are encouraged to call to discuss therapy services or arrange a tour. For more information or questions about Acute Rehabilitation, call 440-816-4550.