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High Field Open MRI

What is MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a painless diagnostic exam that allows physicians to see inside the body without using surgery or radiation. Instead, MRI uses a magnetic field, radio waves and a computer to create detailed images of the internal organs and tissues.

The MRI images will help your physician diagnose your illness or injury and design a treatment plan. MRI is especially useful when diagnosing conditions affecting the brain, muscles, joints, heart and other organs.

How is open MRI different than conventional MRI?

Open MRIClosed MRI requires patients to lie on a table that slides into a long, narrow tunnel where images are taken. The confining design of the equipment makes it difficult to accommodate large patients as well as those who are claustrophobic, experience anxiety or are handicapped.

Open MRI offers a much less confining experience. Instead of being closed in during the exam, patients lie on an open table with a 360 degree view. The design of the equipment makes it a more comfortable experience for a wide range of patients and also allows for staff or a family member to be close to the patient during the exam.

Benefits of High Field Open MRI at the Strongsville Medical Center:


  • Provides cutting-edge digital images for accurate diagnosis
  • Digital MRI Images are immediately accessible to physicians at any Southwest General facility.


  • Less confining equipment accommodates patients of all shapes and sizes. Ideal for larger patients, older adults, handicapped patients and those with claustrophobia.
  • Shorter exam time – faster scanning process than low field open MRI scan
  • Completely open design:
    • Reduces anxiety in claustrophobic patients and may decrease need for sedation during testing.
    • Provides reassuring visual contact with staff and family
    • Allows patient to hold support person's hand during the exam


  • Non-hospital setting is less stressful for patients
  • Convenient appointment times available
  • Strongsville Medical Center offers free, surface-level parking and easy access to the building


  • No facility fee charged for High field Open MRI at Strongsville Medical Center
  • Most insurance plans accepted

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