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Why You Need a Good Night's Sleep

Why You Need a Good Night's Sleep

Let’s face it, getting a good night’s sleep is often something we put on the backburner in our everyday busy lives. For parents, we know how vital it is for our children to have a routine bedtime—if they miss a nap or don’t get enough sleep, their mood changes. So why do we suddenly believe that all changes when we become adults?

The idea of a routine bedtime and eight hours or more of sleep per night might sound like a dream too good to be true, but it’s something that is a vital part of your overall health. From better memory to a healthier heart, here’s why you should be getting the sleep your body so rightfully deserves.

Improves Your Mood

The more quality sleep you get, the better you will be able to regulate your irritability, emotions and sad feelings. The more sleep you lose, the more stress hormones your body produces—this increase in stress will alter your daily mood and affect your overall health.

Better Heart Health

Proper rest helps to recharge your body while supporting your heart. As you sleep, your blood pressure drops to give your heart some rest, but with lack of sleep comes the lack of rest for your heart. When you get less than six hours of sleep a night, you increase your chances of developing high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease down the line.

More Brain Power

When it comes to your memory and learning skills, your brain power is an essential part of the process. Sleep gives your brain the rest it needs to focus on and develop new skills. Without adequate shut-eye, you will have a hard time storing memories—making your learning skills weak.

Vital For Pregnancy

For many women, a good night’s sleep while pregnant doesn’t seem realistic. Hormone changes, pain, and increased urination all can play a part in disrupted sleep. But these sleepless nights can put unnecessary stress on your body. Keep your mental and heart health strong by ensuring you get adequate sleep—embrace naps, invest in some new pillows and try to get to bed as early as you can. Listen to your body and rest when needed.

For many adults, a good night’s sleep is rare, and despite how widespread sleep disorders are, only a portion of us seek medical treatment. Your rest has a significant impact on your overall health, and if you are spending your nights tossing and turning, it’s time to speak with your physician. If you are in need of a physician, a member of our Southwest General Medical Group can help determine if you’re a candidate for our sleep testing service or other medical care, so you can get the good night’s sleep you deserve.