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Summer Food Safety Tips

Summer Food Safety Tips

Preventing Foodborne Illness This Summer

Food poisoning is a disease or infection brought on by eating foods that have been contaminated with a variety of illness-causing germs. Getting sick with a foodborne illness can be extremely uncomfortable; however, it’s completely preventable when properly handling and preparing food.

With summer barbecues on the horizon, it's important to practice proper food safety to prevent foodborne illnesses from plaguing you and your loved ones. The health experts at Southwest General share the following about what you should know.

How Long Can Food Be Unrefrigerated?

Although there are many social gatherings where food is left out buffet style, this is actually a breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria. According to the CDC, bacteria thrives at temperatures between 40°F and 140°F. Once cooked, food should be kept hot or refrigerated within two hours.

Preventing Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination is another common culprit that causes food poisoning. When preparing food, be sure to keep raw meats, poultry, seafood and eggs away from all other foods. Additionally, when handling any of these raw foods, be sure to wash your hands before touching any other food items. It also is important to clean and disinfect any surfaces and utensils that have come in contact with these foods.

How Long Do Leftovers Last?

When it comes to social events, there are usually some leftovers that end up in the refrigerator. While many of us tend to keep leftover food for a few days until it can been eaten, food may begin spoiling before there are noticeable signs. Most leftovers should be eaten within three to four days of being prepared; after that point, they should be thrown away.

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