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Community Health Screenings

Community Nurses Providing Health & Wellness Services in Greater Cleveland

Southwest General is committed to proactively delivering accessible, high-quality health care services to residents of the surrounding communities. To this end, Southwest General's Community Nurses offer health screenings and educational programs to community members of all ages.

Health screenings are medical test/examinations that doctors use to identify warning signs of illness and disease before they occur. This may include blood testing, imaging, bone scanning, diabetes testing and more. Regular health screenings are one of the best tools available to detecting silent diseases such as heart disease and diabetes in the earliest stages.

Many screenings are free and are offered throughout the year in convenient neighborhood locations, such as recreation and senior centers, libraries and local meeting places. Fee-based programs are available to local businesses interested in programming exclusively for their employee population.

Check the Community Nurse Programs section of our Events/Education and Screenings Calendar for a list of education and screening programs, locations and times.