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Orthopedic Specialties

Comprehensive Specialty Services Help a Wide Range of Patients

Southwest General is proud to provide a full range of orthopedic specialty care for patients, helping them to achieve the best possible outcomes and shortest recovery times through:

  • High-quality, compassionate care
  • Board certified physicians and specially trained staff members
  • State-of-the-art surgical and rehabilitation techniques
  • Advanced technology for minimally invasive procedures and better implant alignment
  • Comprehensive Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation services

Areas of Expertise

Southwest General provides care in the following specialty areas:


Rheumatologists at Southwest General offer diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and other joint and connective tissue disorders as well as osteoporosis. Our skilled and compassionate team takes a multidisciplinary approach to assure the highest level of care to relieve pain and improve mobility.

Foot and Ankle

Since conditions affecting the foot or ankle can impact a patient’s mobility, our team helps assure that when patients come to us for treatment, they receive the best medical care to help them to return to an active and independent lifestyle. Podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons at Southwest General offer state-of- the-art procedures and treatments to help patients overcome the effects of traumatic injuries, disease and neuromuscular disorders.

Hand and Upper Extremity

Our Hand and Upper Extremity services focus on treatment for a wide range of conditions. Whether the conditions originate from trauma, disease or the aging process, our orthopedic team is skilled in reconstructive procedures and treatments to help improve function.

Joint Replacement and Reconstruction

As a leader in joint replacement and reconstruction services, our Orthopedic Joint Center has been recognized for its high level of quality and cost-efficient delivery of care. This recognition includes being named a UnitedHealth Premium Total Joint Specialty Center by United Health Group and a Blue Distinction Center for Knee and Hip Replacement by Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Our Joint Center’s focus on knee and hip replacements results in a high level of quality care, with most patients returning home within three days of surgery. From the moment patients enter our facility and throughout their stay, our goal is to help them quickly attain a full recovery with the best outcomes possible.

Additionally, Southwest General provides care for many other conditions for which surgical intervention may be the best course of action to help patients regain active and healthy lives. This includes patients who have older orthopedic joint implants that need to be replaced or modified due to wear, structural fatigue or changes in their personal anatomy. For these patients, our highly skilled orthopedic surgeons perform a variety of procedures to restore joint function and quality of life.


Our spine care services focus on diagnosis and treatment of disorders ranging from herniated discs to more complex conditions caused by trauma, disease or congenital disorders. Neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons on Southwest General’s Medical Staff have the skill, experience and advanced technology to provide comprehensive care for a broad range of conditions.

For Scoliosis, our specially trained physical therapists are experienced in the latest non-surgical approaches to treating this condition, including the Schroth Method.

Sports Medicine

Southwest General Sports Medicine offers expert care for athletes of all ages and skill levels, from weekend warriors to serious athletes. Our team of board-certified physicians, certified athletic trainers and experienced physical therapists offers personalized care and attention to anyone involved in athletic activities.

We can help you improve your athletic performance through:

  • Injury prevention education
  • Strength training and conditioning
  • Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries

Additionally, we offer conveniently located, state-of-the-art facilities and the most up-to-date rehabilitation and aerobic equipment, including a warm-water pool for aquatic therapy.