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Happy Haunting: Tricks for a Spooktacular Halloween While Pregnant

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Happy Haunting: Tricks for a Spooktacular Halloween While Pregnant

Cooler temperatures. Changing leaves. Pumpkin spice everything. Fall is in the air. This also means that it’s time to bob for apples, carve jack-o-lanterns and dress in costume as we celebrate Halloween. However, for pregnant mamas-to-be, some traditions can make you say, “boo.”

Here are four tricks to have a healthy and happy Halloween—for you and your little pumpkin!

  1. Go easy on the candy! Binging on candy may raise your blood sugar, and that of your unborn baby, too. While a piece or two is fine, the key is moderation. Also, pregnant women should avoid candy made with artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, acesulfame potassium, saccharin and cyclamates. If you have gestational diabetes, candy and other sugary snacks should be avoided altogether.
  2. Hold off on haunted houses. While a good fright at a haunted house may be up your alley, these can present countless risks for pregnant women. Dark and confined spaces can present tripping hazards, and spooky characters, eerie sounds and creepy props can raise your stress level. Also, large groups of people can expose you to unwanted germs or illness.
  3. Don’t overdo it with trick-or-treating. Taking your little ghosts and goblins door-to-door on Halloween may be a tradition, but it often comes with lots of walking, which could lead to exhaustion. Consider staying home to pass out candy instead or split the time (and route) with your partner, family member or friend.
  4. Have someone else do the heavy lifting. During pregnancy, you need to be careful when picking up and carrying heavy objects. With your center of gravity changing (especially as your baby grows), it is easy to strain yourself or even lose your balance. So, once you have found the perfect pumpkin for carving, have someone else pick it up for you.

Although there are a few Halloween traditions and festivities to skip while pregnant, here are a few ways to get in the spirit of the season:

  • Watch a classic Halloween or scary movie at home (don’t forget the popcorn!)
  • Make some caramel apples with your family and friends
  • Dress up and have fun in costume—you can even choose something that shows off your growing baby bump
  • Visit a pumpkin patch and then have some fun carving a jack-o-lantern. Bonus tip! Be sure to save the seeds! When properly prepared, pumpkin seeds make a great snack packed with protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Even with a little pumpkin in your belly, you can still have a spooktacular and fun Halloween.

From the team of experts at the new Cosgrove Maternity Center at Southwest General, we wish you a hauntingly (and healthy) good time this Halloween. To learn more about our Level II Neonatal and Maternity Care Center, click here