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Home Infusion Therapy

For Patients Requiring Specialized Infusion Therapy

Home Infusion Therapy offers an alternative to the hospital setting by making it possible for patients to receive high-tech infusion therapy in the comfort of their own homes.

Home Infusion Therapy Professionals

A highly skilled team of professionals provides a multi-disciplinary, compassionate approach to care for Home Infusion Therapy patients. Our highly skilled team members include:

  • Home infusion registered nurse
  • Primary registered nurse (RN) case manager
  • Home infusion pharmacist
  • Home infusion account specialist
  • Home infusion delivery technician

In addition to those listed above, other care team members may include physical, occupational and speech therapists and outpatient medical social workers if needed.

Comprehensive Patient Assessment and Training

The home infusion registered nurse (RN), who is familiar with all types of peripheral and central lines for intravenous infusion, performs a comprehensive assessment with each nursing visit. The nurse also trains the patient or caregiver on how to properly administer medications at home.

Based on patient needs and physician orders, a primary RN case manager follows the patient’s progress and develops a patient-specific plan of care. Additionally, the nurse will report progress or complications to the ordering physician.

Professional Pharmacy Assessment

The infusion pharmacist performs a thorough pharmacy assessment including:

  • Medical history review
  • Medication allergy history
  • Medication profile review
  • Review of any medication-related problems and outcomes

This assessment helps identify any potential issues that could adversely affect the patient. Conducted on an ongoing basis via telephone and through the nursing staff, this assessment observes any potential side effects and medication problems and outcomes.

Delivery Direct to the Patient’s Home

The home infusion delivery technician delivers all necessary supplies for infusion directly to the patient’s home.

Insurance Coverage Review

The home infusion account specialist reviews a patient’s insurance benefits prior to infusion therapy. The patient and caregivers are then informed of coverage and any financial responsibility.

For more information on Southwest General’s Home Infusion Therapy Services, call 440-816-8005.