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Cisco WebEx Instructions for Windows Laptop Computers

Join WebEx from your Email

1) Open the email from your provider/doctor.

  • If you do NOT see it in your inbox, please check your junk email or call the doctor’s office.
2) In the meeting body you should see a WebEx meeting similarly formatted to the image below. Click the Join meeting button.

WebEx Meeting Windows Step 2

3) This will launch an internet explorer page and ask to install the WebEx application. WebEx Meeting Step 3

4) Click on the Run button.

WebEx Meeting Step 4

5) The Webex application will then load.

WebEx Meeting Step 5

6) When Webex has loaded, you will see the sign in screen.

WebEx Meeting Step 6

7) Using your keyboard type in your first and last name into the first box and your email address into the second box.

WebEx Meeting Step 7

8) Click on the next button.

WebEx Meeting Step 8

9) If the provider has not started the meeting you will see the following message. Click okay and wait 5 more minutes.

WebEx Meeting Step 9

10) Repeat steps 1-9 as necessary until the provider has started the meeting.

11) Once the meeting has started you will see the following window. Click Skip.

WebEx Meeting Step 11
12) In the WebEx Meetings Window check to ensure you are using the computer for audio.

WebEx Meeting Step 12

Mute Mute Symbol or Unmute Unmute Symbol

13) Ensure that your video is started.

WebEx Meeting Step 13

Start or Stop Video Off Symbol

14) Click Join Meeting.

Unmute Symbol