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HealtheLife App

HealtheLife appGet the Southwest General HealtheLife app

To more easily connect to your Southwest General HealtheLife account, download our free app for your Android device (Google Play) or iOS device (App Store).

Southwest General's new HealtheLife app lets you quickly log in to your HealtheLife Account — so you can access On-Demand Care and your Southwest General health information in one convenient place, including your test results, appointments, medications and more.


Securely connect your health management apps to HealtheLife

You may now connect some of the health management apps you use (e.g., fitness trackers, dietary trackers, etc.) to HealtheLife. This new feature provides expanded access to your health and wellness data to help you and your care team make informed decisions about your health care.

To connect an app, email your request to We will determine if the app meets the technical requirements to connect to HealtheLife and assure the security of your private health information.